Richard Doss

If you don't take care of your Soldiers, Your Soldiers can't take care of the Mission.

Help your Soldiers before Stress, Depression, and Suicide Jeopardize the Mission!

While there may be a high correlation between deployment to a Combat Zone and PTSD, there is no correlation between Deployment and Suicide. That is, just as many Soldiers die by Suicide who have not deployed as those who have deployed. How is that? Because it’s not deployment that kills. It’s the Stressors Soldiers find when they return home.

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There's a time to "Suck It Up!" and then there's a time to "Talk About It!"

If you’ve ever been in the dark place of DEPRESSION or overwhelming anxiety related to past TRAUMA, you might know something about the “rabbit hole.” We spend a lot of time trying not to think about traumas, secrets, and the pain of the past. Knowing how to get out of that DARK PLACE could possibly save your life. Simply trying to suppress or not think about the past doesn’t make it go away.

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Military Motivational Speaker

Great Stories that make the point.

Army-trained Suicide Prevention Expert.

Tracked an 89% reduction in completed suicides at his last command.

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Funny, Engaging, Meaningful Talks

Dr. Richard Doss is a game-changing clinical psychologist who is a military expert on suicide prevention and resiliency. His rare blend of humor, substance, and style have made him a sought after military speaker. Richard’s uncanny insight into human nature will have each person in you’re audience feeling like he is talking just to them.

Deployment Doesn't Kill Soldiers!

Relationship Problems Kill Soldiers.

Financial Problems Kill Soldiers.

Legal Problems Kill Soldiers.

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